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At IG Institute, we strive to give you the best possible start in reaching your educational and professional aspirations. Our expert trainers provide top-tier instruction from our well-equipped Sydney facility – where students can learn a range of Nationally Recognised Qualifications including child care, first aid, traffic control white cards and RSA courses.

With an unwavering dedication to providing brilliant training outcomes comes genuine student support! Let us help steer you towards success.

About Us

I.G Institute is a new and rapidly growing registered training organization conveniently located in the Western part of NSW, close to the second largest city of NSW.

It was formed with a passion for enhancing the skills and knowledge of people working in Australian Industry. I.G Institute occupies a modern, state of the art facility that is readily accessible.

All I.G Institute personnel are highly skilled professionals with substantial knowledge through experience at the front line of the industry & education sectors. Our students are treated as individuals in recognition of their unique training requirements. I.G. Institute continuously strives to achieve positive outcomes for all.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for aspiring minds, we strive to unleash the untapped brilliance of individuals and propel them towards success.

  • Committed to its clients
  • Highly experienced trainers (we select only the best)
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Relaxed and modern environment suited for learning with ongoing 
  • support through to certification
  • State of the art training facilities
  • Flexible learning options
  • Continuous improvement philosophy
  • Gain increased workplace skills and knowledge
  • Be inspired with confidence to achieve career progression
  • Increase your workplace efficiency, proficiency and service delivery


  • IG Institute understands the importance of making an informed decision when it comes to studying, this information has been prepared to help proposed students make an informed decision about where to study. It includes details of IG Institute’s policies that could affect training and assessment for those considering studying at IG Institute. It is important that students read this information carefully prior to enrolment.
  • IG Institute is a new and rapidly growing registered training organisation conveniently located in the Western part of NSW. We take our registration seriously and endeavour to do all that is required to ensure our policies comply with the requirements of Standards for RTOs 2015 which outline good practice in marketing, operation, financing and administration as well as the training and assessment services provided to proposed students.


  • I G Institute is committed to providing opportunities to all people for advancement in training on an equitable basis, including industries where women are under represented, people with disabilities, people from non English speaking backgrounds, Indigenous Australians, and rural and remote learners
  • All students have equal access to our programs irrespective of their gender, culture, linguistic background, race, socio economic background disability, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or carer’s responsibilities
  • All students who meet the entry requirements (if applicable) as prescribed by the appropriate National Training Package will be accepted into any program within I G Institute’s scope of registration


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Modes of Delivery

Face to Face, Online or via your workplace


All our trainers are highly skilled professionals with substantial knowledge through experience at the front line of the industry and education sectors.



With IG Institute, you’re investing in a team of passionate people dedicated to helping you reach your goals! Our carefully chosen trainers will ensure quality education while our modern and purpose-built learning spaces provide the optimal environment for results. 

Once you have made your decision to enrol with IG Institute you will be provided with an enrolment pack which will contain the following:-